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Roberta Steedman

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With over 30 years of experience Roberta is an Intuitive healer, a Spiritual mentor and a Lecturer. She works with the Angels and other unseen helpers to raise the vibrations of humanity with all encompassing unconditional love.

Roberta is a Reiki Master and offers reiki life-force energy, healing, balancing and harmonising the bodies entire system.

As a Master Geometrician - Roberta offers The Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program that will offer a soul nurturing journey into the realm of your higher self.

Roberta also offers Light-wave Energy Infusions - which recalibrates and upgrades the bodies core spiritual blueprint, she offers this by using channelled frequency templates.

Another healing therapy that Roberta offers is the Alpha 1 - which is a computer using several crystals, and includes a Tesla coil which amplifies the frequency templates.

And most importantly Roberta has a Pineal Gland Activator on offer for healing sessions. This uses the Ajna Light and is an innovative and highly effective brainwave tool for deep relaxation, meditation and self healing.

To book a healing session with Roberta, please contact her directly for more more information on -
M: 0408 179 581
E: [email protected]

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