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Tracy Green

Reiki Master
Energetic Healer

Welcome...In my 20+ years of healing experience, I am a second generation energetic healer as well as a Reiki Master - third Degree, and also hypnotherapist.

The seed of this business was planted many years ago. It began with my Mum who learnt spiritual healing to help others move through difficult times, to lessen what seemed to be physical pain. My interest was piqued and I consciously stepped onto my own spiritual path.
My journey has lead me to study in the areas of massage, holistic counselling, holistic psychology, Reiki, Gestalt Therapy, Access Consciousness (Bars) and most recently, hypnotherapy.
It took me a number of years to understand that my soul feels at ease when I provide access to healing energies for those in need. However, it has taken me longer to reach a point that I fully believe in my ability, skills and potency and am willing to develop a business venture. Why not? I can reach and provide ease to more people that way.
So, having planted the seed and watched it germinate, I feel blessed to say I am here; ready to participate in the further journey. This will mean being present and true to my Self whilst spreading the seeds of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness to others; being a small part in assisting our world to bloom again.
I would be honoured to share the healing energies with any of you willing to take the step.

For more information about my healing sessions or to make a booking - please contact me directly.


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