Intuitive Empath & Counsellor

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Tanya is a university qualified Counsellor and an Intuitive empath who feels other’s emotions in her body as if they were her own, this allows her to connect to your energy and work at a level of oneness in a session.

She holds a safe space for you to heal and reconnect with your true self, by weaving her counselling skills with spiritual and channelled guidance from your higher self, angels and guides, combined with empathic clearing of energetic blocks assisting you to connect more deeply with your authentic self and soul.

These sessions assist you to raise your awareness of and shift emotional and subconscious blockages and traumas held within the body and mind. These emotional blocks can manifest themselves through physical illness, behaviours and relationships within ourselves and/or others. By releasing these it may help you see more clearly and assist you in moving forward.

Now is the time to remember who you really are, underneath everything you have been told to be. Come rediscover your true essence and unlock your path to connect back to your soul.

Tanya looks forward to connecting with you and holding the space that you need.


Sessions available:

Oracle Card Guidance
30 minutes
45 minutes

Intuitive Guidance/Counselling Session
1 hour
90 minutes

Empath Support and Guidance
1 hour

Opening Hours

By Appointment