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Living Tonic Naturopath & Lymphatic Remedial Massage Therapist 

Sandra is the principal remedial therapist and naturopath. Her passion is to guide and empower her clients to reconnect with their overall health and wellness via enhancing the lymphatic system.  She guides you in going with the body’s natural flow!

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Living Tonic Wellness is about guiding and empowering men and women in finding their innate healing wisdom. Contact Sandra to find out how we can tailor make your massage treatments and naturopathy.

Sandra is committed to delivering personalised treatments and walk alongside with you on the journey of being the best version of yourself.

Living Tonic is dedicated to collaborate, inspire and educate you on your health journey.

Let's Work Together....
Sandra will work alongside you with you to formulate a clear and individualised treatment plan for you. This may include massage, nutritional therapy, dietary plans, herbal medicine and lifestyle prescriptions for a complete treatment. Don't worry - she won't tell you off for having the odd slice of cake!

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Sandra’s journey with natural therapies started while travelling through London in 2005 and working for a mobile wellness company as a seated massage therapist. This resulted in a passion ignited to know more about the body and led her towards completing a diploma in remedial massage therapy in Perth, 2010.  A few years later, and while working in the clinical and corporate wellness sector, her curiosity turned towards nutrition and developing a more rounded holistic protocols in optimising health and reducing chronic stress. Sandra completed an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (now Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education) in 2017.

Areas of Interest

Sandra’s particular interest (besides her chihuahuas!) is chronic stress management with a passion for whole food nutritional guidance and mentoring.  Her wellness programs have an emphasis on supporting the lymphatic system may include hair tissue mineral analysis or hair 500 bio-compatibility testing, lymphatic massage, lifestyle advice, herbal medicine, meal plans, and so much more.  After all, it’s improving the body from the inside out and may be one of the answers in why you’re feeling stressed, tired, moody or just bleh!

* LymFATics Flow Massage
* Relaxation Remedial Massage Therapist
* Naturopath

The wellness programs can be used alone or in combination with remedial massage.

To find out if the programs or stand-alone treatments are a right fit for you,  please contact Sandra directly or book online.


Cash Converters HQ (staff massages)

"Excellent service and an excellent facilitator! It was a great experience and so relaxing and stress free for a while, thanks Sandra!"  


Tim S.

"With a pleasing disposition Sandra implemented a bespoke naturopathic treatment plan that I followed in order to improve my nutritional imbalances. I now have a better understanding and confidence in my meal planning and enhanced energy particularly during work hours".


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