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Majaestic Mind Body Soul offers you a range of holistic services aimed to enhance the mind-body connection and harmony. Maja Corak's combined experience in bodywork, Tesla-energy healing modality and holistic massage allows for a unique way to restore the body, mind and soul. Maja's intuitive. joyous and compassionate nature flows through into all aspects of her work and you will feel connected and at ease from the first time you meet.



"I have been beyond impressed and humbled by the level of service and attention I have received from Maja. The moment I lie down on the massage table, I feel better. The environment is so peaceful, it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. There are certain people who transform not only your body but also your soul and Maja is certainly one of them. I would recommend Maja to anyone seeking true healing." - Tibor K.

"I had a couple of massage sessions with Maja so far and I felt so happy and relaxed afterwards. I was feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed prior to my last massage and I must say I was absolutely amazed at how different I felt after Maja applied her loving energy and a skilful massage technique on my body and soul. She is so generous and genuine and her intention of love and healing was truly felt in my heart. I can’t wait to have another session! She has also done a special occasion makeup on me and I loved it! Maja listened carefully to what I liked and created a new look for me which was in alignment of who I am. She is highly professional and a very talented therapist." - Vesna Z.

"Maja can always be relied upon to give very attentive professional services with a smile. Her sunny disposition and kind caring attitude always enhances any treatment that you may choose to have. After having had a Raynor massage and holistic facials I can say I am thrilled with the results, because my complexion has improved so much. Her treatment room is spotlessly clean, smells good and the atmosphere is very comfortable. It would be easy to fall asleep during treatments. Highly recommended!" - Jane P.

"​I had my first Raynor massage. I was told to wear something comfortable. The massage will be done with clothes on. I wasn't quite sure and didn't know what to expect. It started with a face and head massage. Wow!! I was loving it already, then the whole body. It was absolutely amazing. Half way through the massage, I mentioned that my hip and heel had been hurting for months. I could not put any pressure on my heel. 2 hours later, I drove home getting really relaxed. Something amazing had happened to my body. That night I slept like a baby. Next morning I woke up so refreshed. My sore hip and my really sore heel had disappeared. Unexplained! Thank you Maja , you're amazing. About 3 months later, I thought I'd treat myself to a massage before the mad Christmas rush. I mentioned that I had a sore arm , hand and fingers for over a month. I couldn't even lift my arm, unable to put any pressure, couldn't open a jar. So painful, so please be gentle. Gentle it was not...hahaha. Unexplained how the massage worked. I'm pain free. I'm so thankful and grateful to Maja. Majaestic Mind Body Spa - you are amazing!" - Yvonne F.

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