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Heal Your Soul and Embrace All That You Are with Unconditional Love

Soul Coaching with Celine....It is time to step into your greater self and share your own unique gifts with the rest of the world!

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Céline is a Soul Coach and Healer who is called to heal and guide others to evolve in their life journey, find clarity and free themselves from the burden they've been carrying for too long.

She is a genuine and loving individual who isn't afraid to say things as they are in a way that she intuitively knows you will resonate with.

Soul coaching is an empowering practice that encourages individuals to connect with their inner selves and discover their unique strengths. By gaining clarity and understanding of their core values, individuals are able to bring forth their true potential and use their energy more effectively.

It is an holistic approach to personal transformation, helping people to recognise their life’s purpose and align it with their core values. This in turn helps them live a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling.

Céline's ability to connect with her clients' soul is pure genius; simply incredible and hard to believe until you experience it for yourself. She effortlessly spots where the glitch is and straight away knows how to guide you to fix it. Us humans tend to think that if we are feeling extremely overwhelmed about something, we need a great amount of therapy and it needs to be expensive. This is not Céline's philosophy. She is a real advocate for efficiency and somehow magically covers as many areas as your soul can handle in each session. She wants her clients to get on track as quickly as possible.

Her Approach...

Her sessions are about bringing enlightenment, getting you to feel and reconnect with your soul + assisting you in remembering what you are about and what you are here for.

Céline holds the space for you to see, understand and integrate the big picture.

Through her healing, she helps to offload life's pressures and declutter the mind by releasing old/unuseful emotions, patterns and beliefs in order to gain clarity.

Every session is customised and channelled for your best interest. With her coaching, there are always results and transformation.

It is time to step into your greater self and share your own unique gifts with the rest of the world!

Online Soul Coaching Session
1 hr 30 min - $220

In Person Soul Coaching Session
at Vivacious Living Centre in Applecross
1 Hr 30 min - $220

Bookings can be done online on the website (see below) or please email if you have any questions. 



Céline is a gifted soul coach and energy healer who dedicates her life helping others to re-ignite their inner spark and have more clarity about their true identity so they can effortlessly get on the path that was always destined for them.

With over 10 years of inner work (courses, workshops, fine tuning her intuition and self awareness, etc.) she is now prepared to share her gifts, knowledge and experience with you.

Through her coaching she helps those tangled in illusions to remember, re-discover and revive what love means to them.

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