Sound Massage Therapist – Susanna Choi

Susanna Choi

Sound Massage Therapist

Sound and Vibrational treatments are non-invasive, gentle but powerful and very effective, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a clear mind.

Sound Massage Benefits Include:
* Deep relaxation (physically and mentally)
* Reduces stress levels and nervous tension (highly beneficial for stress related illnesses and burn-out syndrome)
* Relives and loosens sore muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments
* Lowers high blood pressure
* Promotes self-care
* Fosters resilience
* Improves concentration
* Improves sleeping patterns

Different to a classical massage, a Sound Massage therapist does not touch their clients directly. Instead, a singing bowl is placed on the dressed body and then gently played to create vibrations, these physical vibrations of the singing bowls transmit through the skin, the tissue, the body's cavity, the organs and the whole body system to result in total body relaxation.

To book please contact Susanna directly -
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CALL: 0421 060 508

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By Appointment Only

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