1 Day Self Hypnosis Class – Perth

1 Day Self Hypnosis Class – Perth

Sun, 12 September 2021
Applecross WA 10am – 6pm
Learn hypnosis to:
❤️create lasting change
💪Improve emotional resilience
😇Change habits
😁Increase confidence
👍& more!

Why hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a simple, yet powerful technique for changing unwanted behaviours, releasing negative thought patterns and improving skills.

Get the background into why this ancient tool is so effective and how the mind actually creates everything in your life!

PLUS get sample scripts and guides on how to write your own hypnosis to create lasting changes in your life.

Learn Self Hypnosis to:
*Be happy
*Reduce stress
*Create more resilience
*Change unwanted habits
*Become more confident
*Lose weight
*Stop insomnia
Hypnosis works to gently open up the parts of the mind where habits, unwanted behaviour and unwanted states reside, so change can be remarkably easy.

Don’t miss out on this personal powerful learning day of hypnosis – Regularly $400   Special Offer $97

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