Crystal Healing & Metaphysics Courses


29 - 31  July, 2022 - 3 Day Crystal Healing & Metaphysics Course

Based on the Life’s work of JACQUELINE TRAVIS - this course is dedicated to her passion for knowledge and Metaphysical teachings, and is a legacy to continue on in service to humanity.

Join Brenda & Kim for this three-day, hands-on course that will be informative and transformational experience to learn to use crystals as a tool for health & healing and will take you to a deeper level of understanding of yourself and others.

This course will suit anyone wanting to develop themselves in all aspects of life; applying learnt techniques and using crystals as a tool to effect the necessary changes for a happy and fulfilling life. We also cover a number of metaphysical subjects, including quantum physics, new scientific findings in energy medicine, and the dynamics of consciousness. This course will also suit anyone wanting to become a practitioner or simply wanting to give healing to family and friends. If you are already a practitioner, it will also provide you with further knowledge and techniques to use in your practice.

Subjects covered include:

  • The Atlantean and Lemurian connection to crystals
  • How crystals work and how to use them for healing
  • Identifying the crystalline energies through colour
  • Learn healing techniques on yourself and others using pendulums
  • Understand the 7 main energy chakras, and the seven auric layers that surround the body
  • The present era of The Golden Age – adjusting to the new consciousness 3D to 5D
  • Learn techniques to balance, energise, and clear blockages from the chakras
  • How to clear your ‘space’ and transmute negative energy into positive in your home or work environment
  • Learn the power of Intention to enhance the quality of life and enhance healing
  • Learn to give healings at a distance, (past, present, and future), including self, others & animals
  • Gem Elixirs - how to make them for wellness and to raise your vibration
  • Gain a deeper understanding of animals and how we can enhance and improve the lives of our animal companions
  • Learn techniques to work on the subtle bodies to repair damage to the auric field caused by trauma, stress, depression, toxicity etc using crystal wands & pendulums
  • Learn techniques to detect imbalances, blockages, and negativity in the auric field using the hands
  • Learn how to unblock and clear the 7 main chakras using crystal placements on the body and also using a pendulum
  • Learn layouts and placement of crystals on the body for healing and maintaining equilibrium
  • How to make crystal grids around the home, environment or workplace using Quartz Points
  • Sacred Geometry and how to use it in your everyday life
  • Discover how to strengthen the immune system and improve the quality of life with little effort
  • Young Living Essential Oils - vibrational healing and wellness to use with crystals
  • ‘New’ Science and Spirituality - how we can consciously participate in changing our lives and the world around us for the betterment of all
  • Metaphysical causations of illness (adapted from ‘You can heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay)
  • How to prepare for a typical healing session in a practitioner capacity
  • Learn crystal & chakra healing for animals
  • And much more…

A Crystal Healing Practitioner Certificate will be given to participants on completion of this course (recognised by the IICT - International Institute of Complimentary Therapies)

There are no prerequisites – this course is suitable from the beginner level to practitioner level, where applicable. Handouts and other materials are supplied together with suggested reading and points of reference for further personal research if desired.

DATE: 29-31 JULY, 2022
VENUE: Vivacious Living Centre - Ardross

Only 4 Spots left - please register your interest by emailing [email protected]  ASAP or go to the event to purchase your ticket directly - CLICK HERE

Note: Any deposits or payments will not be refunded if you are unable to attend - with notice your place can be moved into the next upcoming course.

*Each Course is limited to 8 people - Please email Kim to put your name down to be on the waiting list for the upcoming courses so you don't miss out!!
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DISCLAIMER: For the main content of this course, it is understood to be the authentic compilation and research of Jacqueline Travis. The contents of which are being used purely as reference material for the duration of the course with the pure intention of carrying on Jacqueline's legacy for the greater good and service to humanity.

JULY 2022
29 - 31 JULY

25 - 27 NOVEMBER

*Each Course is limited to 8 people - Please email Kim to put your name down to be on the waiting list for the upcoming courses so you don't miss out!!