Vivacious Living Centre Presents -


Join us for a morning session to learn new strategies via nutritional, spiritual, physical and practical ways to thrive today and for the future!

Hear from 4 different speakers who will give you a better understanding of managing stress and the uncertainty of our everyday lives with a variety of ways to overcome your challenges – So that you are empowered to thrive!

Tickets are $24 each and includes a light morning tea of nutritional snacks - tea & coffee is provided. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Sat 9th July - 9.30am to 12pm lunchtime, at Vivacious Living Centre.

There will also be products available to purchase on the day including – Herbal teas, Smoothie boosters and Herbal tonics, Ceremonial Smudge Sticks, Natural Essential Oil Beauty Care and more!

About our Speakers - 

*Elvira Jersky - Spiritual Guidance practitioner. Her main objective is to help humanity to reach their full potential and discover that we all have it within ourselves to achieve our goals and can do anything we set our minds to. Elvira, will help you to understand the art of creating and manifesting and is a firm believer that we are all the keepers of our own destiny. We can change everything around us, as only we have the key to our inner world. Elvira's ambition is to bring joy, laughter and love to all that meet her.

*Suzanna Wallace - The Green Naturopath is an inspired herbalist also and Suzanna's Natural life Products help reduce inflammation and stress in the body, improve cognition, detox, help to sleep better and feel more energised! Her knowledge of plant power to heal the body is second to none.

*Trudy Joyce Morgan – With 14 years as a Yoga Alliance trained Yoga Instructor, Trudy teaches honouring breathe, movement & connection to spirit. And also, she has 35 years’ experience as a Celebrity Makeup/Hair Artist. Her passion also includes clean beauty & dispelling hype/myths of the beauty industry.

*Brenda Rodrigues - Holistic & Wellness Practitioner who is passionate about the Sacred Arts and helps others access a variety of natural wellness & healing solutions to explore and release their emotional and energetic blockages including the scared art of smudging and using crystals to clear unwanted energies.


*NOTE - We cannot guarantee ticket refunds or exchanges, except where an event has been cancelled or rescheduled, or where Australian Consumer Law applies. Refund and Exchange requests are subject to conditions on a case to case basis.