Healing Meditation Circle

Healing Meditation Circle with Steven & Amy North

We come together for a healing meditation that is unique to each individual and each circle is uniquely special. The Healing Meditation Circle helps with clearing energies that can get to us if left unattended.

Whether it is trying to explore the origins of issues, possible blockages or even part of your own energetic maintenance and need help with clearing debris. If you’re experiencing struggles, stress, sadness, worry, a busy mind or anything else that life throws at you, then these circles would be beneficial for you.

Working in unison with with Amy North, Steven will create a space that facilitates a deep healing and clearing experience whilst meditating to the Heart Activation Music, a light in sound technology invented by Steven & Amy North.

These sessions will see Steven & Amy work directly with your guides and facilitating what each attendee is needing in that moment and your very own Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel will know what needs to be focused on and will coordinate what is needed.

The Healing Meditation Circles are on once per month at the Vivacious Living Centre. Tickets are limited each session.

TBA for 2022 Dates

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Steven North is a Usui Reiki Master, Seichim Reiki Master, Liquid Crystal Therapist, Soul Reacclimitisation Expert, inventor of the Heart Activation Music and channel to Amy North who too is a healer and has studied healing modalities for many lifetimes. Together, they are an amazing light-being team and will aid you in preparation for entering the energies of the New Year.

Ice-Cream & Coffee
After the meditation session, we then visit Gelare for a spot of ice-cream and tea/coffee and social conversations. It is a great way to relax and enjoy the night.

I started to go to Steven’s Heart Activation Session only early May. The impact on my spirituality was amazing. It was awakening and upgrading exponentially with an amazing impact on my mental and emotional capacity. What does this mean? It was as if layers of dust were removed from my memory, and my heart (activity) yield a depth I have not known before. The Heart Activation Music enabled my heart to connect with my beloved in a way I could not imagine before. What’s more, my healing capacity rocket the sky…

So amazing is how I would describe the session last night. I love any sound healing but you cannot just call the beautiful music, the presence of spirit and the magic of Steven channeling the healing from Amy and others just sound healing! Thank you, young man, for being blessed to have been there. Much Love!

Financial Hardship
If you’re experiencing financial hardship and you do wish to attend but are unable to afford the standard rate, please contact us directly and let us know. If we have spaces available, we can make them at a negotiable rate.