The Art of Mediumship

The Art of Mediumship – With Sunita

“The gift of Mediumship is given to a select few. Some accept it as a blessing and develop the ability to be a messenger from those passed over. Some fear the potential it gives us as humans to be the catalyst of change, kindness and compassion.” Sunita❤️

This workshop is for anyone with the gift of Mediumship, Healing or those who are interested in the finding out about the Spirit World.

The workshop will cover technical aspects of Mediumship and will involve practical exercises.
Sunita is an experienced teacher of the spiritual and metaphysical arts and will be give you feedback regarding your development during the day.

Date: SUN, AUGUST 14, 2022
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: Vivacious Living Centre, Ardross

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Medium | Healer | Numerologist | End of Life Doula | Yoga Teacher | Mindset Coach | Trainer | Speaker
Her vision is to bring to you the experience of spiritual reality whatever that means for you in your world.

We are a training, results coaching and intuitive arts company designed to enhance your life by reconnecting you to your Mind, Body and Spirit – ultimately through your intuition.
Founded by Sunita, a passionate and inspirational woman, who, in her quest to follow her own dream and inspire others has created a unique opportunity for her clients to find their purpose and create a real difference in this world.
By combining the intuitive arts with accelerated learning techniques (NLP), Sunita has created a unique way of working with people enabling clients to dispel those blocks and fears that are holding them back from connecting to their real purpose and passion.
Her passion is working with people and helping them connect to themselves and developing spiritually. Mediumship and intuition are the most fascinating aspects of life we can explore so why would you miss out?

Registrations are limited – to avoid disappointment book early

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