Traditional Thai Table Massage Level II : Stretching


Traditional Thai Table Massage Level II : Stretching

Practitioner Course

Thai table massage is based on traditional Thai massage but modified to be suitable for Western people who normally have a massage on the table, but it preserves Thai energy flow.
This course will focus on understanding traditional Thai massage with stretching and interpreting this modality to suit Western table sessions. At the end of training, you will be able to provide full body massage sequences with all the therapeutic traditional Thai stretches on the table.
Thai style stretching is the most popular; after having a massage, people expect to stretch and to move their body, muscles and fascia.

NOTE** This training is available for those who have knowledge in Thai massage or have studied Thai table massage Part I with Manusya.

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My name is Eugen, I graduated with a physical therapy degree in my country, and I have trained as a physiotherapist in different departments in hospitals.

Manusya is a training academy that represents my passions and inspirations. Manus in the Greek language means “healing with hand.” Manusya in the Thai language means “heart.” Therefore, it has a very good mixed meaning, which means “healing with hands and heart.”

These sessions are limited – don’t miss your opportunity to learn the beautiful healing modality of Thai Massage

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