Transformational Tesla Healing Meditation with Maja

Transformational Tesla Healing Meditation with Maja

Join us for a meditative journey, unlike anything you’ve experienced before…. This meditation is infused with high vibrational frequencies to recalibrate and revitalise yourself – Let the Tesla waves spark your healing journey.

DATE: Tues 5th October, 2021
VENUE: Vivacious Living Centre
TIME: 7pm to 8.30pm

Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in our body
~ Prof. William Tiller, Stanford University.
Just like we care for our physical body, nourishing it with nutritious food, hydrating it with fresh water, doing some kind of exercise – we also need to care about our energetic bodies too!
The key to healing is in our cellular memories. The ultraviolet light is multidimensional and has a stimulative effect on the cell, and also on our DNA. Non-hertzian waves – which today we call ‘Tesla waves’ are transformational healing frequencies of unique nature. They re-establish the optimal flow of light in communication with the universal life force and thereby promote profound healing of the body, mind and emotions.
Scientific experiments have confirmed that besides being quantitatively different in their frequency, they are qualitatively different in their energy, structure & form. These healing vibrational frequencies are more powerful given that they arise from higher dimensions than other frequencies.
Join Maja for a 90 minute transformational Tesla Healing Meditation session.
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a yoga mat, cushions and a blanket to make yourself comfortable.

Bookings essential – limited to 12 people per session -> TICKETS CLICK HERE

Looking forward to connecting with you…