Usui Reiki Weekend Workshop

Usui Reiki Weekend Workshop
DATES: APRIL 20th & 21st, 2024
TIMES: 9.30am to 5:00 pm each day.
VENUE: Vivacious Living Centre – Applecross

Join Jacqueline Bell for this 2-day workshop offers you the opportunity to be immersed in Universal Life force energy.
Expand your own growth journey and learn how to support the well-being of yourself and your loved ones with the ancient healing technique of Reiki.
Reiki is a non-intrusive technique of healing & self-improvement, a technique for activating, restoring and balancing from within and is now being increasingly recognised and accepted in hospitals, hospices and cancer supports units as complimentary to orthodox medicine.

DAY 1 – Self Healing
* Learn the history and fundamentals of Usui Reiki healing.
* Be “attuned” to the natural and positive healing qualities of Reiki, connect to your inner wisdom and intuitively remember what you already know.
* Understand energy, how to access it, and use it to support yourself and your loved ones.
* Understand the connection between Source, Spirit, Soul & Self.
* Recognise the mind, body connection and the importance of your emotions in healing yourself.

DAY 2 – Distance Healing / Healing Others
* Receive a 2nd “attunement” to Reiki energy.
* Immerse yourself in the next level of your own healing practice and strengthen your healing skills.
* Learn the sacred Reiki symbols and learn how to support others through Reiki healing.
* Expand your own connection to Self and move beyond your own conditioning and limitations.

Notes, morning & afternoon tea provided.



Jacqueline Bell was born in Grangemouth, Scotland and currently lives in Perth, WA.

She is a business owner, Ex-Accountant, Founder of her own healing technique – Channelled Soul Healing, a fun-loving Scot with a wicked sense of humour, a self-confessed chocaholic and a work in progress. Jacqueline is Mum to two “fur-kids”, A Daughter, Sister, Sister-in-law, Niece, and crazy Aunty!

In her early thirties, a feeling of “seeking something more in life” led her to walk away from her role as Financial Controller & Operations Manager and brought her to Perth Australia on a working holiday visa. From there she immigrated to Perth in 2003 and continued working as an Accountant. During this time she followed her hidden passion for the alternative, exploring and studying various healing modalities, which led her to set up her own small business offering healing to clients, friends and family in her spare time.

Eventually the voices in her head got so loud that she decided to listen to them! And in 2010 she broke up with the corporate world, and set up her own Healing Centre in Denmark WA, which cemented the pathway to her vision and Souls purpose of bringing more light to the world transforming global consciousness.

In 2014, guided by her intuition, she returned to Perth, where she now offers one-to-one session’s, workshops and online programs, assisting clients to align with their Souls Blueprint and return to their divine state of personal power, abundance, purpose and authenticity.

One-to-one consults are available in Perth and online around the world.

P: 0438 617 730
E: tr*******@ja*************.com

Training & Memberships

· Psychic-Medium

· Energy Healer

· Life Coach & Holistic

· Reiki Master & Teacher

· Spiritual Teacher

· Meditation Teacher

· Associate Certified Pranic Healer

· Advanced Theta Healing

· Member of IICT