Directing The Winds Of Change

Fran from Feng Shui Fortunes Presents -

Learn 8 Feng Shui steps to creating a life of harmony & prosperity.

Directing the Winds of Change is a 3 hour seminar that will introduce you to Feng Shui and energy management.

This is an introduction to easy energetic practices that will align the harmonic balance of your home (or business premises).

It covers the how, why & what about Feng Shui, will help clear up confusion around this science, and includes learning about the energy of mindfulness practices.

So many take home tips to help you immediately begin to create movement and begin to Direct the Winds of Change in your home & life.

If at the end of this you find that you want more............more information, more change in your life, more prosperity or more harmony, I will show you a clear way forward.

If you just want more......

If you are happy with your home & life.......

Come along.

Saturday 3rd October, 2020 - 9.30am to 1.30pm

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See what might possible for you.

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