Psychic & Spiritual Development Course

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Welcome to your intuitive journey!

Dates:   Monday May 21 until Monday Jun 18, 2018
Times:  x5 Monday evenings from 7pm until 9pm
Venue: Vivacious Living Centre – Ardross



Sunita comes from a generational line of mediums and healers. She is a an experienced trainer and Mindset Coach and understands the importance of balancing the logical and emotional mind. Her expertise is in helping you to understand how YOUR mind and intuition works and which areas you require help in.

Interested in developing your intuition?
Our intuition is one of the most untapped resources we have.

Is this you:
- interested in finding out more about how your intuition works?
- you know you are intuitive but not sure how to develop it?
- affected by other people all the time?
- want to learn more about intuitive practices?
- want to learn how to stay grounded?
- interested in healing and mediumship?
- need a safe place to learn, practice and be with like minded people
- want to learn about the chakras, auric readings, oracle cards etc
- learn to develop themselves

This is what most people ask me when they meet me so come along and start your journey or restart it! These weekly classes will introduce you to the intuitive arts and give you the experience of different modalities.

The evenings will include:
- an attunement every session
- hands on spiritual healing
- psychic exercises
- exploring symbols and signs
- exploring the chakras and their importance
- understanding your vibration and energy
- understanding your mindset and how it impacts on your intuition
- raising awareness of your vibration and where you are at
- auric exercises
- psychometry using objects, oracle cards, tarot etc
- focussing on your spiritual development and growth
- understanding the power, psychic development, healing, mediumship and the world of Spirit

You will be with people who are on the same journey and speak your language so come and join us!

Bring with you:
- water bottle
- journal/pen
- coloured pencils

What you should do to prepare:
- Please eat lightly before the evening but bring a snack for when you leave.
- Refrain from alcohol 24 hours before.
- Have an open mind!

This is aimed at any level.

Cost: $187* for 5 weeks
(*not including booking fees)
Payment plan available – please contact us

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Places are limited to ensure I can provide individual attention to everyone :)

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