Discover why others get great results stimulating nerve & lymph

Chapman’s Reflex
Weekend Workshop
Sat 31 October and Sun 1 November, 2020
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on both days.

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Live courses are one of the most loved parts of my education matrix. I get to meet you face to face as amazing therapists who I know will become part of the Chapmans Family. Once you complete the 2 day course you automatically become connected, be personally inspired, occasionally be challenged, but also be rewarded, and build a process of new assessment and treating into your current practice!!

What will you learn??

Why stress is the number ONE culprit of so many conditions in our society AND how we now have a way to address and manage it EFFECTIVELY!

What are the neurolymphatic links to the muscles and why we should know that these are critical for ALL therapists to access?

A way to INCREASE the drive to the muscles using links to the spinal segmentations related to the dysfunctional muscles and therefore the fascial trains…

Apply PRACTICAL hands on techniques using the neurolymphatic points aka Chapman’s Reflexes to COMPLETELY change the expected clinical outcomes both dramatically and rapidly!

CORRECT pain and dysfunction that is often life inhibiting for so many we see. Directly improve regions including the hip, lower back, neck and shoulders, ribs and chest, conditions involving knees, ankles and feet as well as rotator cuff, elbow and wrist.

Included is progression to home-based exercises and facilitation that the clients ACTUALLY APPLY!

I have never had client compliance to this dramatic level until now!!

Everyone who has attended any of the courses to learn and understand how to treat with the neurolymphatic and fascial systems tells it how it profoundly changes how they do business, their outcomes and their lives.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video from our Brisbane Chapman’s course…and get excited!

Can’t wait to connect with you at the next retreat in person!

Here is the link to the course in Perth 31 Oct/1 Nov with venue and booking choices –

So secure one of the 24 places with full or part payments in this once only event in your area.

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