Women’s Full Moon Cacao Circle.

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Date: Friday, May 1st, 2020
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Venue: Vivacious Living Centre

Womans Ceremonial Cacao Circle

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A 3-4 hour immersion with IXCacao, Full Moon Cacao Ceremony.

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This is a deep dive evening for those who wish to experience the extraordinary essence of IXCacao. A deeply meditative and transformative event filled with Divine wonder. To walk with IXCacao is to be gently and lovingly guided back to your heart and into the state of loving bliss.

Combined with the intensity of the full moon, the power to let go and manifest will be great. So bring your intentions and make them clear.

The evening will start with a smudging and cleansing as you enter sacred space. The circle will be opened and with full intent we will conduct traditional bay leaf fire ceremony.

Meet with the energy of Kali Ma, the fierce fire Mother. The destroyer of ego. With compassionate love she helps us step in and burn up what no longer serves. She gives voice to the unspoken. Kali shines the light on the power within.

Shannon uses full trance to work with the ancient energies, these energies come with messages for you. Listen with your Cacao filled heart.

This is followed by a leading into Shamanic journey, first grounding and meeting with your guides, you will enter into the invisible worlds and journey within…

What is it you long to have Divine guidance in?

Give yourself the gift of a powerful women's circle and transform something in your life, something in you.. almost like magic.

Shift with sisters by your side in a safe and nurturing environment.

The evening will close with a sharing, hot herbal teas and some treats to share.

Blessings and light...

• Avoid caffeine on the day of ceremony

• Bring a water bottle

• Dress comfortably. Pyjamas are completely acceptable.

• Bring your journal as you’ll want to write down your insights.


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I began my journey into my own heart fire a long time ago. At the mercy of trauma and instability early on in my life I developed a mighty low self esteem and spent years chasing the unattainable approval of others. Never feeling good enough, I suffered from social anxiety, panic attacks, depression and OCD, I felt unsafe and unloved most of the time. It was a pretty miserable place to be. Conventional help proved fruitless as I did not wish to spend my life on mind numbing drugs. That much I knew. I went on a mission to find alternative answers to my suffering and so began my obsession with the human way of being. It has taken me to some incredible places this insatiable need to know, the discomfort driving me forward, devouring books by the dozen, completing not one but two Reiki Masterships, attending silent meditation retreats in the middle of the Cambodian jungle, completing the 9 rites of Munay Ki a Shamanic Tradition, working with more Shamans in Indonesian jungles to embrace my shadow self, falling in love with IXCacao in a pyramid in Ubud and going on to study its service,(more time in jungles) I spent hours picking apart the theories of neuroscience and psychological studies, just hoping for the “answer” to come. Completing hours of N(euro)L(inguistic)P(rograming) NLP and Hypnosis training… the list goes on and on, anything to understand. I was insatiable so I never stopped.. I just kept learning. WHAT’S NEXT..was my mantra. A bit of a workaholic, I worked with a fiery passion in an unconcious attempt to keep my fears at bay and those actions saw me escalate in the business world. My ability to understand the human condition bringing a kind of leadership and sales ability that came from the heart. I was not completely aware of what I was developing however, I found I had obtained a certain presence. I had begun to make an impact on people. People would deliberately seek me out for guidance. And that had purpose. I moved people and I “got” them. All these years of searching, studying trying to understand I suddenly realised, man… I had learned and unlearned a lot! I had developed absolute substance, grit and was no longer at the mercy of anything! I had choice! Victim had become victor! Through my extensive journeys both internal and external, I had become a bit of an expert in the field of helping others alleviate their suffering and find purpose-confidence. And I had found in me a deep passion and love of business and community. Now the question was how to bring it all together……… The Business Shaman was born. I have an endless and effortless passion for empowering others. I call this passion and purpose heart fire and I live to ignite it in business and others. “Heart Fire is powerful and those who ignite it find that life flows with a bit more ease, they can have greater impact on the world around them and are able to manifest a life they want to live and do work they love. They are just bigger, braver and brighter with less effort than ever before”