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About Kim Hardaker

Since October of 2017, Kim has been the owner and operator at the Vivacious Living Centre in Ardross. A Centre dedicated to the holistic health and wellness industry. With many different practitioners in varied modalities working at the Centre throughout the year.

Kim takes pride in being a part of this of this ever-evolving industry and gets great satisfaction in seeing the benefits of her coaching and of those others at Vivacious Living Centre to their clients.

Her latest and very exciting addition to the Centre is a Metatron Bioresonance Scanning machine, it is currently the only machine of it’s kind in Western Australia.

About Metatron Bioresonance

The Metatron Machine is a Non-linear Health Diagnostic System (NLS) or a Bioresonance scanning machine that gives you a general assessment of well-being.

It tunes into any energetic disturbances in the body – which means it can be used to locate any cellular imbalances on an emotional, psychological, or physical level.

The Metatron system uses NASA technology and is also an innovative way that can be used as a personal health management system, allowing YOU to take responsibility for yourself. The value that this system provides is not just for physical health, but more importantly is for your psycho-emotional health.

YOU can see HOW the negative emotions are effecting your organs and it will tell you exactly WHICH emotions are driving your body system.

Knowing exactly what is going on in your body from a cellular level is very beneficial for your wellness journey – The Metatron Scan is a whole body & mind health check…

Metatron Bioresonance Vivacious Living Centre

Do you want to live a happy & healthy life? You CAN start now!

Knowing exactly what is going on in your body from a cellular level is very beneficial for your healing process – things you may not even be aware of…

A whole body & mind health check.

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Kim Hardaker presents Metatron Bioresonance

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