Women’s Circle Full Moon

Enjoy an evening of connection – cacao, sound and energy healing.

Women’s Circle Full Moon

Looking to fill your cup? 
My women’s circles are a safe place to nourish your body, mind and soul.
Enjoy an evening of connection – with a cacao ceremony, as well as sound and energy healing.
A beautiful way to end your day and spend some time nurturing yourself.

DATE: Thursday 23rd MAY, 2024
TIME: 7.30pm to 9pm
VENUE: Vivacious Living Centre
COST: $40

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and journal.
Exchange $40 (please bring cash on the night).

For more info – CLICK HERE
Any questions, please email me at – he***@ta*********.blog
Tash x

Tash Diaries is a women’s empowerment business, with a focus on supporting women to live their truest and best life. My clients develop intuitive skills that aid them in their lifelong journey. I also have a focus on connecting women to each other, creating a community of like minded individuals seeking to create a life they love.

I offer a range of products and services designed to empower women including; coaching, small group programs, reiki and women’s circles. I also write a blog sharing my experiences as a woman, and mum and my journey of coming home to myself. These are available as a combination of face to face and online delivery.

I have over 15 years of experience in relationship building, facilitation and leadership through my state government role. I also worked on special projects with a focus on increasing women’s representation on boards in sporting organisations across Western Australia. In the past five years, I have increased my skill set to include intuition techniques, reiki practitioner, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and time line therapy (TLT). I combine these skills to create a journey for each woman in creating their unique vision and connecting to themselves on a deeper level.

The why behind the creation of Tash Diaries began in 2020. After the birth of my third baby, I started to experience pain and swelling in my body. Over a year, the pain and inflammation worsened, I was losing weight, my hair was falling out and I was in constant pain. The simplest tasks became almost impossible; lifting my baby out of the cot, turning a door handle, driving a car.

Everything I held as part of my identity was being stripped from me. At my lowest point, when I needed help to get out of bed and get dressed each day, I was faced with the reality that I was completely lost. Without my career, my body working and being forced to be still – I came to this realisation; I didn’t know who I was. I’d lost my sense of connection to self and had become a reflection of what I perceived the outside world needed me to be. I didn’t know what made me happy, I didn’t know what lit me up, I didn’t have a sense of identity at all.

This started my path of going inward to reconnect with myself and find out what Tash was really about. Along the way, I started blogging to share my experiences and struggles. I realised that many other women, with different catalysts for the call – were realising that they didn’t know themselves either.

I truly love the honour of holding space for a woman whilst she connects to her wisdom. It’s a gift I have been blessed with, and I intend to share it with woman all over the globe, as they connect to themselves and find their own unique gifts.