3 Day Hypnosis Certification Training PERTH

3 Day Hypnosis Certification Training taking place in Applecross WA – 2024 TBA

3 Day Hypnosis Certification Training taking place Live in Person and Online via Zoom!

TBA Dates for 2024

Learn how to improve your life, change behaviours, increase motivation & achieve goals.

Learn hypnosis to help yourself and others.

“This course has been life changing in every way! I am now ready to start living and creating the life I want for myself. I cannot wait to attend the next course with Jeremy and Alana.”
~Chantal Firth
Learn Hypnosis techniques for:
• Weight Loss
• Stopping Smoking
• Stress Reduction
• Bad Habits
• Performance Enhancement
• Self Hypnosis
Who can benefit?
• Anyone curious about how the mind works
• Anyone wanting to gain more internal resources
• Wellness Practitioners
• Life Coaches
• Athletes
• Parents
• Students
At this 3 day training you will learn the framework of how to run a hypnosis session and learn techniques to create lasting change.
Price: $1196 right now
Regularly $1495
Please contact us for payment plan options
Skills you will learn at this training include:
• A brief history of hypnosis
• The stages of hypnosis
• What is trance?
• The relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind
• The Prime Directives of the unconscious mind
• The Krasner Method of hypnotherapy, including the 8 distinctive stages
• How to conduct a client session, including demystifying hypnosis
• The role of trance in everyday life
• Suggestibility tests: knowing how susceptible someone is to trance
• Important keys to hypnotic inductions
• Deepening techniques
• Using convincers with clients to ‘prove’ they are in trance
• Hypnotic suggestions for positive change
• How to eliminate unwanted habits like smoking or eating certain foods
• Using hypnosis for motivation
• Using hypnosis for pain control
• Self Hypnosis
• Running client sessions from start to finish
• How to legally and ethically use hypnosis
• Marketing ideas for hypnotherapy practitioners
In this fun, hands on training you will have the opportunity to practice both as a client and Hypnotist, as well as ask questions, work in groups, and receive individual attention.
You will have the confidence and skills to start working with yourself and clients!
This course is a certification training, and is recognised by the IICT. This means that by the end of the course you’ll be able to join the IICT and other governing bodies if you wish, and obtain insurance for your hypnosis work if you decide to work with clients ????
What others have to say about this course:
Thanks so much Jeremy and Alana for guiding us through an excellent workshop jam-packed with a wealth of practical skills and knowledge and instilling in us the confidence to use it.”
~Dr. Ivan Menon
“Brilliant! I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. Not only will I go out and do this as a business, but I feel I’m the best I can be at this moment, and the future holds endless possibilities for me!
~Caroline Dufton
“It was an enjoyable, insightful, relaxing and life changing experience. It was well presented and easy to develop new skills with the instructions and guidance. Jeremy and Alana have something special they are willing to share.”
~Karen French

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