Level 1 Coaching Course (NLP Practitioner)

Level 1 Coaching Course (NLP Practitioner)
Certification Course – PERTH TBA Dates for 2024

Want/Need a career change?

Need a mindset reset?

Have baggage from the past that you’re ready to let go of?

Want to learn new strategies for communication and relationships?

If so, this course is a great fit for you.

Fulfilled and successful people value and work on their mindset and emotions DAILY.

You need to learn how to master your thinking, focus and emotions in order to maximise your success, enjoyment, happiness and fulfilment in all areas of life including family, health, career, finances…EVERYTHING.

✅ FAST TRACK your communication skills
✅ STOP FEELING like an imposter
✅ LET GO of fears, doubts & limiting beliefs
✅ IMPROVE your sales & marketing abilities
✅ LEARN THE SECRETS that people like Barack Obama, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Oprah, and Tony Robbins use.
➡ If you’re ready to fast track your results and fulfilment rather than spending ages on online programs, reading self help books or finding the latest ‘quick fixes’,
???? you need to be at this event.
Come with us to completely transform yourself…& learn to help others do the same.
We take our small classes through a deep coaching process where they get to experience the power of coaching firsthand, and completely transform themselves.
This is done through a combination of in depth transformational group coaching, as well as extensive partner work, where each student gets to be the client and the coach.
This unique approach produces the deepest change in our students and also equips them with the internal certainty, new identities and unshakable confidence to continue to change their lives, and to assist others in changing if they decide to go on to coach others.
It’s time to change the world, and it starts with learning about and changing yourself.
Join us for this intensive 7 day training, and learn how the power of your mind is the key to creating the success you want in health, business and life as a whole
The course is an absolute must for everyone on the planet. It WILL change your life.
~Clinton Matthews
A most challenging 7 days with wonderful results. I will never see the world in the same (old) way again!
~ Connie Dunbar
Alana & Jeremy are great. They made the whole process of learning and practising this huge topic pleasant and easy, and much more enjoyable than I expected. Highly recommended.”
~Vesna Grunevska
What’s included:
Get certified as a Practitioner in:
• Neuro Linguistic Programming,
• Time Line Therapy®
• Hypnotherapy
• NLP Coaching.
Get Certified & work as a Life Coach or learn these valuable skills for your own personal development!
• Learn the theory
• Get a live demonstration
• Practice for yourself
• Get supervision
• Ask questions for clarity and application
Our students not only transform themselves, they also receive internationally recognised certifications to share this powerful set of tools with others:
1. NLP Practitioner: How to change the software of your mind to increase effectiveness and produce outstanding results
2. NLP Coach: Bring out the best in yourself and others in all business and personal endeavours.
3. Hypnosis Practitioner: Effectively utilise the hypnotic state to positively effect behaviour and emotional well being.
4. Time Line Therapy®: (the powerhouse tool!) Eliminate negative emotions and thought patterns form the past and create a compelling future. Learn specific tools for letting go of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and anxiety.

Invest in yourself and this will be the most valuable training of your life!

Receive your at home study pack when you enrol including:
• 2 industry leading books
• 16 hours of audio
• Your NLP Course Manual
• Access to coaching while you prepare for the live event.
• Your written assessment to begin before the training

Dates: TBA 2024 dates Live in Perth & Online via Zoom – Click here to register your place! – > https://innerresults.com/level-1/