ASHATI Practitioner Training Courses

Ashati Practitioner Training Courses

ASHATI is an accelerated energy healing, meditation, psychic, personal and spiritual development program to help you heal your body, mind and soul, expand your awareness and higher senses, understand your thoughts and emotions, connect with your higher-self and spirit guides, and much more.

Ashati is based on three principles:
RECEIVING insightful knowledge about our energy and our universe.
PRACTICING powerful energy based healing and meditation work.
EXPANDING awareness to new levels and listening to our intuitive guidance.



PERTH COURSES - Training Programs
• Includes Discount • Payment Plan
• For Personal Development or Professional Training
Advanced Certificate of Energy Healing
Received upon completion of the below four training programs / qualifications with any teacher.

DATE: March 4th & 5th, 2023 / April 1st & 2nd, 2023

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Ashati System
Everything within our universe is made up of energy, including our own physical body, thoughts and emotions. Ashati introduces a life changing journey of discovery through meditation, quieting the mind, energy activations, energy healing and comprehensive knowledge of the chakras, energy bodies and our multi-dimensional universe.

Each level provides a deeper connection to your intuition, higher senses, inner guidance, true self and ultimately to your life’s purpose. People world-wide have experienced higher levels of inner peace, balance, health and happiness thanks to this life-changing journey.

Ashati is a completely unique and revolutionary system made of three main branches (Ashati, Alsemia and Ascension) that will naturally start and speed up profound emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical healing. This transformational journey will help you let go of false limitations or restrictive influences, understand more about your energy, body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit, and connect you to higher levels within your own consciousness.

This journey, which has already liberated many people around the world, cannot always be objectively described with words, but must often be subjectively experienced, as it is an inner journey back to the essence of who you are. Ashati does not impose rules or practices, but rather helps you to free yourself from unnecessary beliefs, fears and limitations. It does not force you to let go of all other practices, spiritual and others, but rather helps you find the connection with and the beauty in everything, everyone and every experience, the rewarding as much as the challenging ones. Ashati does not impose healing and change upon you, but simply allows a higher and often still unconscious part of you to find a voice within, and to show you your own path and unique life purpose.

The Ashati System has expanded, over the years, shaped by the coming together of a large number of people from around the world, all passionate and dedicated to further expand this energy system and to help more and more people with it.

ASHATI HEALING™ (Ashati Practitioner) - Ashati 2 required
ALSEMIA HEALING™ (Alsemia Practitioner) - Alsemia 2 required
SUBCONSCIOUS EXPLORATION™ (Alsemia Practitioner) - Alsemia 12 required
GROUP SUBCONSCIOUS EXPLORATION™ (Alsemia Practitioner) - Alsemia 13 required
ASHATI CIRCLE™ (Ashati Teacher) - Teacher Course required

Professional Title: Ashati Practitioner
Required Qualification: Ashati 2
Description: An Ashati Healing is structurally very similar to a Reiki Healing. An Ashati Practitioner may place their hands on or above specific energy centres (chakras) and parts of the client’s body, who will be sitting on a chair or lying comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table. The channelling of these specific and unique energies creates a very relaxing and meditative experience for the recipient. An energetic healing and clearing process over a few hours to a few days will be initiated by each session, helping clients to gently reconnect with emotions, thoughts and other energies / influences that are affecting them on any level of their being. A practitioner can also provide some feedback about the recipient’s energy as well as intuitively received guidance or specific messages during the session. The Higher Senses and Soul Rescue complementary courses provide optional additional techniques to further develop intuitive skills and to clear unnecessary energy.

Professional Title: Alsemia Practitioner
Required Qualification: Alsemia 2
Description: Ashati Practitioners who have completed Alsemia 1 and Alsemia 2 will be able to add etheric / physical healing energies to their Ashati Healings. These energies usually trigger an even more profound relaxation and greatly speed up the natural healing processes of the body. Practitioners also have the option to extend their training with the Alsemia 3 and Alsemia 4 courses, therefore achieving a higher level of professional development using the techniques and the energies of this unique aspect of the Ashati system.

Professional Title: Alsemia Practitioner
Required Qualification: Alsemia 12
Description: These skills can be used to provide separate Subconscious Exploration sessions for clients, or to combine these with a standard Ashati Healing. This unique form of advance energy healing creates a much deeper trance-like meditative and relaxation state (naturally and quickly induced by the energy work), and will facilitate more healing as well as a reconnection and natural exploration of the subconscious mind (layer by layer). These special healings can help clients find new levels of clarity about what they are feeling, what they wish to do, what has been subconsciously affecting them, who they are as a soul, etc. Only what the recipient needs to reconnect with and is able to understand and to resolve will come up to be healed and accepted or released. The practitioner’s main role is to create this healing space and to provide the advanced energy work and techniques. The recipient of a Subconscious Exploration will be sitting or lying down comfortably, fully clothed and with their eyes closed, while they receive the different waves of higher Alsemia energies, one after the other, to be taken to a deeper and deeper meditative state each time, and to reconnect with higher and higher layers of their own subconscious mind.

Professional Title: Alsemia Practitioner
Required Qualification: Alsemia 13
Description: Alsemia 13 creates a unique and high-dimensional energetic connection that will enable you to perform group healings with the Alsemia energies (Alsemia 1, 2 and 3, as well as the waves of Subconscious Exploration energies, from Alsemia 5 to Alsemia 12). This healing work for groups, whether there are a couple of individuals or hundreds, will be anchored by yourself and this new energetic connection. This will enable the required energies, as you request them, to be provided directly to each group healing participant, without diminishing the initial flow of healing energies.

Professional Title: Ashati Teacher
Required Qualification: Teacher Course (Module: Ashati Circle Facilitator)
Description: Ashati Teachers who complete the Ashati Circle Facilitator module are able to organise “Ashati Circle” sessions. These group sessions involve guided meditations as well as psychic and healing development activities. They are designed to give all Ashati students and professionals an opportunity to meet regularly and to practise and develop their skills. However, these sessions can be open to anyone looking into starting their Ashati training, or simply interested in meditation and personal development work through energy healing.

Required Qualification: Click Here
Description: An Ashati Institute Registered Teacher is authorised to independently offer Ashati Circles and Ashati System levels (also called courses) that they are qualified for, as part of their own practice, and with the relevant registration fees payable to the Ashati Institute. This registration structure enables teachers to use the Ashati System energies and courses to develop unique experiences, programs, and innovative delivery formats.

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